MedFlight of Indiana is a not-for-profit humanitarian organization with a corps of volunteer pilots from various professions and backgrounds.

Our primary mission is to provide medical assistive flights for those without financial means. We will transport patients and their families in private planes, without charge, to medical facilities for attention. Our national reach has proven to be an "Angel of Mercy" for many needs since its founding.
Patients and Care Givers often call us to learn how they may obtain travel help for repeated trips back and forth to remote care facilities or doctors. Patients may schedule multiple trips and there is no age limit. In virtually all cases, when a Care Giver contacts MedFlight of Indiana, they will be asked to verify the patient's financial hardship and the patient's primary physician will be asked to sign a form indicating that the travel is for essential and necessary medical care.
Normally, if the patient travel distance is 1,000 miles or less, the services of MedFlight of Indiana not-for -profit organization as assistance will be a Care Giver's referral. Often a patient is flown to the treatment location one day - and then brought back home the next day or perhaps a week or two later. Many patients are flown back and forth to special treatment perhaps 300 to 400 miles away from home once a week for months at a time - all at no cost to the patient or patient family.
Some Things to Consider Before Contacting MedFlight of Indiana

We every effort to schedule flights as close as possible to medical treatment times. Occasionally, owing to limited resources and flight requirements, patients may have to depart earlier or return later than requested.

We are not an Air Ambulance or emergency service. Patients must be able to board an aircraft with a minimum of aid, sit in a regular aircraft seat, and must not require medical attention on board. MedFlight of Indiana reserves the right to refuse any flight request at its sole discretion based on potential limitations or legal concerns.

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